Top Row

Tom Drummond

Tom coordinates oversight of all company operations, including sourcing of hardware and software solutions, and he plays a critical role in the management of all things related to D2. His mission is to use his vast knowledge and experience of distribution channels, as well as his expertise in project oversight and C-level technology decisions, to […]

Ben Drummond

Ben orchestrates solution design and development of business processes and growth, including internal impact, by discovering new ways for D2 to better provide value. His impact is felt externally through detailed assessments of new strategies for clients to better utilize technology within their business. Ben helps small businesses optimize their technology resources by developing plans […]

John Mattern

John is a ‘jack of all trades’ technically and has extensive experience in everything from server and network infrastructure architecture to cyber security and software development. After more than ten years in the managed services industry, he has dealt with just about every technical issue imaginable and loves resolving every challenge that comes along. John […]