About Us

Why D2 Integrated Solutions?

We are the IT experts who simply care more. As a family-owned business with over two decades of experience, that has maintained a hyperfocus on serving our clients, we understand that technology is vitally important to every business. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide every client with customized solutions, built to address their unique needs. We simplify the process and help you understand how to solve your pressing business’s challenges in the most efficient, practical, and productive means.

Collectively we have over 100 years of industry and technical experience.

Company History

From Day One

Founded in 1997 by Tom Drummond, D2 is a family-owned company that has garnered uncommon experience in infrastructure design, resource distribution and management, and IT service delivery. Over that period, the company has formed valuable vendor relationships that it leverages on behalf of its clients. D2’s customer-centric focus has been a guiding principle since day one, and with a highly experienced staff of IT professionals with certifications for systems from Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, Citrix, SonicWall, Google G-Suite, and more, there is no technical challenge that D2 isn’t equipped to solve. As the digital economy grows, we continue to expand our core capabilities, while maintaining our bedrock focus on our clients.


Client Partnerships

We Grow Together

Nurturing mutually beneficial client partnerships depends on finding an optimal fit and being a good listener. D2 succeeds because we customize our approach to every client to ensure open lines of communication and transparency regarding issues of accountability. We make sure that both ours and our clients’ goals are always in alignment and that expectations are being met at every stage of the relationship. We work so hard to help our clients grow their businesses because we grow with them.

Vendor Relationships

Your Trusted Partner

With so many options to choose from, selecting the optimal IT vendors can be a daunting task. Not understanding the true need of the business can result in misguided and unaligned solutions that cost organizations money and time. Over the last two decades, we have developed a network of reliable vendors and will help you find the right partners to work with, and we act as a trusted liaison between you and them. We’ll help you cut through the red tape and get the tools and services you need faster and more affordably.


Meet the Team

IT Professionals

With over 100 years of collective IT experience, the D2 team has been carefully selected to cover every functional area necessary for managing digital systems efficiently, cost effectively, and with minimal downtime. Our dedicated technical network engineers, responsive and accessible technical account executives, and highly engaged service managers ensure client expectations are always met.

Core Values

Built to Connect

From its founding to today, D2’s primary values have always revolved around customer service and client attention. We do our best work so that our clients can do theirs. D2 is proof that meaningful, honest work forms lasting and mutually beneficial connections. It’s our strongly held belief that we must continually earn our customers’ trust through honest, humble, hard work, exceptional transparency, and a growth mindset that ensures we stay nimble and adaptive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

D2 is committed to:

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