D2 Life Celebration/Envision Case Study

Life Celebration

D2 Integrated Solutions, as our name suggests, is in the business of solving problems using comprehensive and cutting-edge digital tools and platforms in a systemized fashion.

That’s why we were approached by Life Celebrations, an innovative company specializing in creating custom-made, multimedia presentations to honor a life that has passed. They needed to solidify a reliable partnership to help them deliver a visual storyboard experience within funeral homes.


The Challenge

Life Celebrations wanted to roll out a new service called Envision to deliver a projector-based video experience to funeral homes. Their service would provide families and friends of loved ones a special way to visually remember the deceased. Though Life Celebrations’ team of designers was capable of producing the content itself, they lacked the technical expertise and skill set to consistently distribute and install the platform. 

They needed help adding structure to the install process, insight into the technical requirements and innovation of the system, and boots on the ground to travel to physical sites and perform the installations. They had previously found themselves too frequently running into recurring and unacceptably high-volume issues:

  • Lack of standardization
  • Difficulty meeting requirements for electrical and cabling work, physical dimensions, and networking information
  • Differing and always evolving hardware and software options creating inconsistencies across sites
  • Miscommunication between project managers, clients, and customer-supplied contractors


The Solution

Seeing the value in partnering with a firm that is experienced in the logistical obstacles in their way, Life Celebrations invited D2 Integrated Solutions to help tackle this challenge. Freed from the strain of tackling the technical challenges, they could put their focus back where it belonged: on serving their clients through creative design and experience. Yet, because D2 works as a collaborative partner, the ongoing output is now the synthesis of our technology expertise and Life Celebration’s innovative approach to the funeral industry. 

D2 quickly stepped in and became deeply involved in the full cycle of the solution, not just the installation phase. Doing so afforded a more predictable and orderly process from start to finish. All phases, including customer discovery, solutions design, initial quoting and pricing conversations, project planning, and liaising with customer contractors, affect the final install and must be strictly monitored and optimized.

To ensure an outcome that met or exceeded all stakeholders’ expectations, D2 implemented a pre-install site survey that revealed any looming surprises well ahead of time and significantly eliminated post-install issues.

D2 also oversaw the standardization of the parts and processes for the Envision initiative. We vetted, researched, tested, and demoed various hardware and software solutions to find a uniform group of components and procedures that can be applied to every job, no matter the size, application, or geographic region.


The Outcome

Thanks to a mutually beneficial, open, and collaborative partnership, D2 and Life Celebration were able to create a standardized and scalable business process that can be applied consistently, resulting in a reliably excellent customer experience across the country. 

Life Celebration improved the ability to fulfill jobs at scale and was then able to solidify Envision as a consistent part of their organization.

D2 Life Celebration/Envision Case Study